Millmerran Power Station Outage, 2022

MIlmerran Power Station outage

Due to our team’s extensive knowledge and experience with the abrasive blasting requirements of intricate turbine components, Intergen awarded Kitja Services with a multi-year shutdown contract to execute the abrasive blasting requirements of GE HP & LP turbine components. 

Kitja’s team worked closely with the General Electric project team to ensure swift turnaround of turbine components to minimize shutdown delays. 

Key activities included: 

  • Mobilization of specialist equipment to support aluminium oxide blasting
  • Quality assurance and control of all components received and returned
  • Close integration with GE project critical path activities
  • Managing manning level fluctuations according to deadlines and extreme weather events

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Commenced April 2022

Duration: 3 weeks

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Peak Resources: 6